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Imperia is a content management system based on Perl.

Java is a general-purpose language originally developed by Sun Microsystems.

Perl is a general-purpose, interpreted language, nowadays also used to create web pages.

JavaScript is a lightweight, object-oriented, cross-platform scripting language, often used within web pages.

The Apache HTTP Server is an open source web server by the Apache Software Foundation.

T-Systems is a German IT services and consulting company owned by Deutsche Telekom.

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Deutsche Telekom is a German IT service provider, also operating as SSL certificate authority. This includes its subsidiary T-Systems.

Google Analytics is a free service to get detailed statistics about the visitors of a website, provided by Google.

Etracker offers real-time webanalytics services.

The Google Advertising network consists of AdSense, DoubleClick and other services.

The Google Tag Manager is a Google service to support webmasters to manage tags on their websites.

External Cascading Style Sheets define style rules in a separate CSS file.

Embedded Cascading Style Sheets define a set of style rules in a element within a web page.

Inline Cascading Style Sheets define style rules directly within an (X)HTML element using the style attribute.

Session cookies are temporary cookies, which are deleted when the user closes the browser.

HttpOnly cookies are used only in the HTTP protocol and not in client side scripts, which may increase security.

Secure cookies are used only via an encrypted connections, which may increase security.

Gzip (GNU zip) is a file compression algorithm.

HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) defines a mechanism enabling web sites to declare themselves accessible only via secure connections.

The websites redirects visitors to its www subdomain, e.g. from to

The websites redirects visitors to use SSL encryption, e.g. from to

The Open Graph protocol, originally developed by Facebook, is an RDFa-based format that enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph.

Twitter Cards enable automatic attachment of photos, videos and media elements to Tweets.

Microdata is a specification to integrate metadata within existing content on web pages.

HTML5 is the fifth revision of the HTML standard.

ISO-8859-15 (informally also called Latin-9) is an 8-bit character set for Western European languages.

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a lossless compression image format, suitable to store graphics with uniformly colored areas, and originally introduced as a free, open-source successor of GIF.

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is a lossy compression method suitable to store photographic images.

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an XML-based vector image format.

Software stack used by the website LOTTO Hessen – Spielen beim Original

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Page load speed analysis

Total page load time

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We analyzed page load time and found that the first response time was 449 ms and then it took 2.1 sec to load all DOM resources and completely render a web page. This is quite a good result, as only 35% of websites can load faster.

Page optimization

HTML 5.5 kB
Images 31.6 kB
Javascripts 51.5 kB
CSS 10.5 kB

In fact, the total size of main page is 99.1 kB. This result falls within a vast category (top 1 000 000) of heavyweight, probably not optimized, and thus slow loading web pages. Only a small number of websites need less resources to load. Javascripts take 51.5 kB which makes up the majority of the site volume.

HTML content can be minified and compressed by a website’s server. The most efficient way is to compress content using GZIP which reduces data amount travelling through the network between server and browser. This page needs HTML code to be minified as it can gain 822 B, which is 15% of the original size. It is highly recommended that content of this web page should be compressed using GZIP, as it can save up to 3.9 kB or 70% of the original size.

Image size optimization can help to speed up a website loading time. The chart above shows the difference between the size before and after optimization. News LOTTO Hessen images are well optimized though.

It’s better to minify JavaScript in order to improve website performance. The diagram shows the current total size of all JavaScript files against the prospective JavaScript size after its minification and compression. It is highly recommended that all JavaScript files should be compressed and minified as it can save up to 33.3 kB or 65% of the original size.

CSS files minification is very important to reduce a web page rendering time. The faster CSS files can load, the earlier a page can be rendered. needs all CSS files to be minified and compressed as it can save up to 9.1 kB or 87% of the original size.

Network requests diagram


Our browser made a total of 6 requests to load all elements on the main page. We found that 83% of them (5 requests) were addressed to the original, 17% (1 request) were made to The less responsive or slowest element that took the longest time to load (589 ms) relates to the external source

Additional info on

The browser has sent 5 CSS, Javascripts, AJAX and image requests in order to completely render the main page of News LOTTO Hessen. According to our analytics all requests are already optimized.

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