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WATCH ‘N WIN games are lottery games that give you two chances to win. Watch the gameplay screen in-store for a chance to win instantly, and keep your ticket for the nightly draw. Watch and see how it’s done.

Object of the game

WATCH ‘N WIN games are instant win and lottery-based draw games. Choose from POKER LOTTO, MEGADICE LOTTO and WHEEL OF FORTUNE ® LOTTO. Each game has its own way to play, but the game structure is the same. Players have a chance to win instantly, or match the words or numbers on their ticket to those in the nightly draw for a second chance to win.

How instant win games work

Every WATCH ‘N WIN terminal has a computer chip inside called a Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG makes thousands of mathematical calculations every second that determine the outcome of the instant win game. These calculations are happening even when the terminal isn’t in use. When the game is activated, the RNG freezes on a set of numbers that determine the outcome on the WATCH ‘N WIN screen.

How does the RNG affect your game?

The outcome is determined by the RNG before the action on screen starts. The animations and sounds are added for entertainment only. The RNG ensures that every outcome is completely random, with no way for players or retailers to change or affect the outcome.

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