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What would you do if you won the lottery? People ask this question all the time. The answers usually involve a list of how you’d spend the money. But people don’t always think of the practical and vital steps to receiving the money before they spend it. Hitting the jackpot can be a life-altering event that can bring financial security for the prize winners and the ones they love. However, winning the lottery does not come without challenges.

Once a person wins the lottery, he and she will almost instantly be contacted by people claiming to be family and friends, and also from organizations and charities asking for donations. A lottery winner must be prepared to protect the newly acquired assets and ensure that your affairs are in order so that you are protected from those who might try to manipulate you out of money that rightfully belongs to you.

Hitting the jackpot should be the beginning of a new chapter of financial security for lottery and casino prize winners. The attorneys of Manfred Sternberg & Associates can help clients in Houston, Texas, and throughout the country settle prize claims and responsibly manage winnings.

Winning the lottery brings overwhelming emotions, beginning with amazement and joy, but that can turn into stress and anxiety. At Manfred Sternberg & Associates, our attorneys are experienced in helping our clients navigate the days and weeks that follow your win. Attorney Manfred Sternberg is board-certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in consumer and commercial law. He has served as the attorney for some of the most recent largest single winners in Texas, and knows how to protect your new fortune.

What Do You Do With Your Lottery Winnings?

If you have a ticket worth millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars, contact us now. Day or night, we will respond and immediately help you answer some key questions you should ask yourself, such as:

  • Who should I tell about my win?
  • Can I claim the jackpot anonymously?
  • What should I do with the ticket?
  • When should I claim the prize?
  • How do I protect my money?
  • Do I need to worry about my well-being, or my family’s?
  • How do I begin to plan for my future, and my family’s?

Once you win, you’ll experience an adrenaline rush, and questions like these and many more will likely be running through your head. Make sure that in the midst of celebration, you focus on these before you start planning how to spend the money. And don’t carry the burden of answering all these questions alone. At Manfred Sternberg & Associates, we’re ready to work for you so that you can enjoy your win and know that your future is secure.

Advice from Experienced Jackpot Lawyers: Where There’s a Lot of Money, People do a Lot of Crazy Things

The following advice is a short summary of the expansive knowledge we’ve gained from experience of working with jackpot winners. After you win:

1. Discretion is critical. If you’ve just won a jackpot, whether individually or through a group purchase of a pool of lottery tickets, tell as few people as possible. Keep the news between you and your most close and trusted family members for now. Don’t post on social media, and don’t tell extended friends and family that you are not sure they will keep the information quiet.

2. Prepare for targeting. A jackpot winner will soon discover that he or she has become a target by friends, strangers, and sometimes even family members, all looking to profit themselves from your fortune. You’ll receive calls and messages from individuals and organizations saying that you owe them money, or even from family members calling in “debts” they may have helped you with over the years. If there’s a lot of money at stake, people will be ruthless in their attempt to receive a cut.

3. Seek representation by one attorney. By hiring one experienced, trusted attorney, members involved in any conflicts can make sure that disputes are resolved and claims are settled internally and quickly. A good attorney should make sure that non-members of a winning pool will sign statements confirming that they are not part of the winning group, ensuring that the prize money will only be received by the actual legitimate members of the pool.

Managing Lottery Winnings Requires a Law Firm Experienced in Handling Lottery Prizes

There’s a unique reason that Attorney Manfred Sternberg is a successful lottery prize attorney: he himself is a lottery winner. He knows firsthand the experiences his clients will face when they win the lottery, which gives him a special ability to help them protect their money and carefully plan as they ensure the security of their future.

At Manfred Sternberg & Associates, our attorneys handle all estate planning matters for our clients, including navigating tax issues, creating trusts, and other legal documents that will create a barrier around your fortune. These steps are vital to the peace of clients who have won the jackpot and who want to guarantee their fortune will be enjoyed by themselves and those they love for years to come.

Help Available 24/7 for Your Lottery Winnings Questions

To say winning the lottery is a “big deal” is an understatement. It’s a life-changing event, and we realize that requires immediate and outstanding legal advice. Our Texas lottery winner attorneys at Manfred Sternberg & Associates are ready to talk to you the minute you win. Email us instantly, or call us at 713-622-4300, available twenty-four hours a day. We will schedule evening, weekend, or off-site appointments in order to meet with you as soon as possible and begin the process of ensuring your fortune is – and you are—safe. Hablamos Español.

At Manfred Sternberg & Associates, our lottery lawyers are experienced in helping our clients navigate the days and weeks that follow your win.