what does it mean to dream about winning the lottery

Dream Interpretation: Lottery

What does it mean to dream about winning the lottery?

by Lucy Moore | 17 July 2019

To dream of winning the lottery might mean that you can do more with your life than you are doing now. You have potential but aren’t reaching it.

We find out what it means to dream about winning the lottery

If you win the lottery in a dream, it can indicate an end to your financial problems- if you have any in your waking hours. However if you won a lot less than you bargained for, then it could mean that you still have issues where money is concerned.

To play, win, lose or see someone else play the lottery is all to do with the risks you take in your own life, the luck that befalls you and the chances you take while you’re awake. Perhaps you need to look at all aspects of your life and consider what needs improving; a small change could result in a large profit.

If you feel like you lost out, perhaps you foresee losing or being disappointed in your future. Maybe you have entered into a risky decision and you worry that the result might be bad. It could also be your unconscious telling you that your aspirations are unrealistic and you need to bring them down a peg or two to make them more achievable or you could land yourself in trouble.

Another interpretation is that you are having problems with your lover at present- the disappointment might be linked to how you feel about their actions, your reactions to them or your relationship as a whole. Perhaps you are disappointed in yourself for not moving on sooner.

As you played the lottery in your dream, this can symbolise your reliance on fate rather than taking control of your own actions. You may not feel comfortable or confident enough to make them yourself. Perhaps you need to sit down and think through an upcoming situation before you jump right into it.

Most predictably, dreaming of winning the lottery is also about your desire to live without the stress of money issues.

What does it mean to dream about winning the lottery?

What does it mean to dream about winning the lottery

Last night I won the lottery but in a dream. What does it mean to dream of hitting, to guess the numbers, to buy a winning lottery ticket ? That give meaning and interpretation of dreams when we win or we lose a cash prize in a game ? Last night I dreamed that I won a small or large amount of money in the lottery playing some numbers. I dreamed hard to achieve, obtain, gain a substantial sum for a game show. What does this mean ? Last night I dreamed of winning the national lottery. This dream tells me that I earn money in real life ?” And who does not have the dream to get a big prize money by playing any of the numbers to a lottery, buying a scratch card ?

Who knows how many people have dreamed blackberries than once to win great prizes by playing in various competitions at different lotteries. Today there are so many games That the temptation to buy a ticket, play the numbers is very strong for many people. But you will be disappointed when i tell you That, unfortunately, when you finish a dream of beating the dealer in a game This is not to say that in real life we are so lucky. If you follow these dreams a real win then we are faced with sheer coincidence or a rare power of foresight. But then what does it mean to dream of winning something big ? Often these winnings are to be connected to our desires to receive from life, by fate, the other what we think we deserve. Are we in a time when we feel little admiration, little valued, and little attention so let’s go back in the spotlight, we strongly assert ourselves.

So it seems that these dreams do not lead posts favorable but not necessarily because sometimes they want to tell us that we have a chance, we have a chance to get noticed, to recover, to get a positive result but this will depend not only on our quality but also on luck. This is because we know how luck in games is essential, has a crucial role. So when you dream of winning the lottery big or small sums can expect to get a positive event for you to not miss. And those who dream instead of playing the lottery to win but not be able to collect the prize ? A possible opportunity that will present itself is lost, we will not use it as we should. Sometimes you can even dream of playing a lot or a little for a game but not being able to win, to lose forever. These dreams can hide a message is very important in life and that is what we feel like losers, we fail to understand and take advantage of our quality, we also feel disillusioned with life that we think does not give us what we deserve.

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