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Spain Daily Lotto – Lucky Numbers

Bet on the Spain Daily Lotto draw with Hollywoodbets and Lucky Numbers! This draw takes place daily from Monday to Saturday at 19:00 (no draw on Sunday). There are 49 balls, with 6 balls drawn and 1 bonus ball. Learn more about betting odds and results for this draw below.

Spain Daily Lotto

The Spain Daily draws take place every day except for Sunday (Monday to Saturday).

This draw closes at 19h00.

The result is published at 21h00 the same night.

The game is based on the one ball set format (the same as SA Lotto).

The ball set has 49 balls (1-49), of which 7 balls (6 balls and 1 bonus ball) are drawn.

Bet fixed odds on the Spain Daily lottos draws with Hollywoodbets! Draws done every day (except for Sunday)! Come play with us today!