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I have an instant lottery ticket here, and when I scanned it at the store, instead of receiving a ticket back that said how much I won, I got one that says “RETAILER CANNOT PROCESS”, and it says to contact the OLG Support Center.

Is the scanner broken, or did I win big.

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Scratch off right? I’m assuming. No offense, sir, but did you bother to ask the store clerk or call the Lottery? Look and see if theres a number on the back of your ticket. I saw your question before this one. Did it say that you WON. Did you have matching numbers or whatever? Usually you know if you won. I had an instant and i scratched off $500. I knew. True, sometimes the ticket winnings dont match the scan code, but this is rare. Most stores cant process over $600 for a single ticket. (Yes, bums me out too). So that might be it. But you should know if you won over $600 is what I’m saying. It doesnt make sense. 🙂

a lottery tix from Cumberland farms in wynnewood pa. I’m sure i won. the guy said i didn’t. I know how to read the tix information. I lost the tix seriously. and didn’t get upset because i don’t believe in gambling. And since i would do a govt work i felt i would leave it be and let someone address my concern. FEDS know. I’m not willing to wait years though. At least say they commend my honesty and that if the merchant lied. kinda thing. I was given a tix named dice doubler by someone that is a winning tix. I haven’t cashed it out. I just keep it to remind myself and others that there are people who aren’t greedy and dishonest. I can’t put my email in this because i am not a hacker of the system. However you can definitely petition govt on behalf of my earnest showing. Thanks. heroic again

Most likely it’s a problem with the ticket machine or the bar code on the ticket, even if you won big it would tell you but you wouldn’t be able to cash it there.I would check the ticket yourself to see if you won, the machines should be the last option for checking tickets as some are unreliable.

I work at a truck stop and have had this issue, when a retailer loads a new book of scratch off tickets (whether in a vending machine like ours or the manual “old-fashioned” way) they must validate and settle the pack. If this is not done through the lotto machine then it is basically just a piece of cardboard. Verify with the retailer or check with scanner later where as the retailer may have validated and settled the pack after the fact.

I have an instant lottery ticket here, and when I scanned it at the store, instead of receiving a ticket back that said how much I won, I got one that says "RETAILER CANNOT PROCESS", and it says to contact the OLG Support Center. Is the scanner broken, or did I win big.

Why Does My Lottery Ticket Say See Retailer?

When your lottery ticket says see retailer, it can mean a bunch of different things.

Here I explain what they are and what you can do about it.

Two Main Types Of ‘See Retailer’ Message

This is the first thing to understand – there are 2 main kinds of these messages.

Firstly there is the simpler ‘please see retailer’ message. This is different to the ‘cannot process’ message.

Both are covered in detail below.

1. ‘Please See Lottery Retailer’

When your lottery ticket says see retailer, but it does NOT mention anything about ‘cannot process’, here’s what it can mean:-

  • There is a network/system problem – so just try again later.
  • You scanned it at a ticket vending machine and you have won more than $100 (the vending machines have a lower maximum payout limit).
  • You may have won more than $600 but less than $5,000 – the retailer can handle this (more and you have to claim from the lottery office).

So what does it mean when your lottery ticket says see retailer? Most likely that you have won something.

Which is a good problem to have. 🙂

And why do the scanners just say ‘see retailer’ when you have won? Because it’s safer for you than the machine screaming “WINNER, please now steal my ticket…”. 😉

Seriously, that is the reason. Self-scan machines used to announce a winner, but there were some cases of people stealing tickets from winners identified in this way. So bear in mind if your lottery ticket says see retailer this is actually the lottery company looking out for you!

2. My Lottery Ticket Says Cannot Process See Retailer

So what does it mean when a lottery ticket says cannot process see retailer? This is a whole different kettle of fish.

It happens quite often with lottery apps. But these apps are basically doing exactly the same thing as the self-scan machines in stores anyway.

So however you are scanning the ticket it can mean:-

  • it didn’t scan correctly – make sure you ticket is nice and flat, and scan again
  • the lottery network is temporarily down or overloaded – just try again later on
  • your ticket is old and no longer valid 🙁 – nothing you can do here, other than remember to check your tickets earlier in future
  • the ticket is damaged and not scannable – if you think you’ve won, put in a claim form
  • it’s possible, though rare, for a misprint or faulty ticket – all you can do here is contact the lottery company and hope they honor any winnings it shows

Scratch Off Says Cannot Process Contact Lottery

In addition to those reasons above, scratchers also have an extra special case – the ticket roll was not activated.

What does that mean?

As a security measure, each roll of tickets is ‘activated’ before going on sale. This is something the retailer does using their lottery terminal.

It’s done to make it difficult for thieves to steal tickets. If they break in and steal rolls of tickets that have not been activated yet, the tickets cannot be claimed. And obviously the thieves don’t know the access codes/passwords to be able to activate the tickets.

Typically these ‘unactivated’ tickets will just show that ‘cannot process contact lottery’ message. But you might also see a more specific message where the lottery ticket says not active. Which is pretty clear!

So what does this mean for your ticket?

If you bought the ticket cheap from a dodgy ‘friend of a friend’ down a dark back alley (or the person who gave it to you might have!)… well, lesson learnt! 🙂

But if you bought the ticket as normal from an authorised retailer, then I’d recommend you call the lottery company first. They can sometimes sort this out on the spot by calling the retailer, and getting them to activate the roll. Then you can just claim as normal.

Alternatively just complete a claim form at the lottery office (or post in a form) and they will sort it out later.

P.S. Did you get my scratchers tips yet? It’s free and includes lots of great tips on improving your chances of winning.

Related Questions

What Does The Lottery Scanner Say When You Win The Jackpot?

The scanner will NOT scream “winner, winner, chicken dinner, now please mug me and steal my ticket because I’ve won the jackpot” 😉

Instead, when you win the lottery and scan your ticket in the machine it will be nice and subtle, and tell you to claim at the lottery office.

That’s for your own security. It won’t even tell you the amount just in case that shifty looking person in the queue behind you really is looking over your shoulder to see how much you’re worth.

If you have any questions about scanning tickets or ‘see retailer’ messages just add a comment below. Also do come back and tell us what happens with your ticket – we’d all love to know if you managed to sort it out.

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I tried to claim a $1000 winner, they said the claim can’t be processed claim at lottery. What does it mean? Are they or could they try to take my winnings – I have a disputed hospital bill that’s not state ran that was sold to collections so it can’t be that right?

No, it can’t be that – until you claim they don’t know who bought the ticket.

Here’s what cannot process claim at lottery is most likely to mean.

It was at an authorized dealer that cashes up to $5000 so I had to fill out the form there and everything (sign the back, use social and give ID) but all they said was claim at lottos office. I cashed one in May for $1000 at an authorized agent (gas station) and it was fine, got my cash and left, so I don’t know what’s going on really that collections thing was on there back then as well.

OK – so is it a case of “can’t” or “won’t” process it. You didn’t ask why?

I guess just try elsewhere or claim at the lotto office.

Hi, if the ticket once scanned says take ticket to lottery retailer, does it mean that the ticket has not yet expired?

Can a retailer sell me scratchoff out of sequence. For instance sell me 000 and 003.

Only accept tickets directly off the roll. If they are already detached or appear from under the counter don’t accept them. They may be fine (e.g. a previous customer changed their mind) but why risk it.

Is it possible for a store clerk to check scratch tickets to find the winning ones. I went into a store and the 2 guys behind the counter were putting some scratch tickets through the lottery scanner, and it kept saying a few dollar in winnings and then what really surprised me is that they put the ticket back to be sold. So they already know those tickets are not winners.

It’s only possible if they remove part of the hidden barcode (it’s called ‘pinning’ and I warn about it here). Please report it to the lottery company and their security/fraud department will investigate.

I bought a $10 scratch off and it’s a winner, but when I scan it the scanner says ‘see retailer’. I took it and he told me the ticket expired and gave me $10 back. So does that mean I don’t get the winnings, I don’t think that’s fair I won $440. Please help me!

When did you buy the ticket – did this all happen on the same day at the same retailer? Or was this an old ticket that you bought some time ago?

The lottery company do withdraw older games, and retailers are required to remove those tickets from sale when that happens. It’s possible this retailer did mistakenly sell you a ticket that had been withdrawn. So they gave you a refund.

It’s a shame you didn’t keep the ticket. But do try taking your case to the lottery company. Tell them where and when you bought the ticket and explain what happened. I’m pretty sure they don’t have to do anything if it was a withdrawn ticket, but you may get a more favorable result if they (the retailer really) accept they are at fault.

I purchased a scratch off at a local store and it said see clerk. What does that mean? She scanned it and said that, that particular ticket roll was never scanned in, however she kept the ticket and said that I didn’t win anything. I feel that there’s more to it.

So why does it say sign ticket and see lottery office?

My girlfriend scanned a Mega Millions ticket today and it said see cashier. The cashier handed her $2 for the ticket. Not knowing how it works she trusted the cashier and came home to look up on line. Now she feels that cashier had kept a winning ticket. What does she do?

Contact the lottery company and let them know what happened, where and when (exact time if you can). Let them investigate.

Why does my ticket say Ticket on hold see lottery retailer?

Hello. I found an unscratched beat up dirty $30 ticket today. I scratched and scanned on home app. Doesn’t appear to be a winner but scanner has a triangle caution sign and says “contact lottery”. What could that possibly mean? Thank you.

When your lottery ticket says see retailer, it can mean a bunch of different things. Here I explain what they are and what you can do about it. ]]>