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Why You Should Avoid The Most Popular Lottery Numbers

There is so much more to lottery numbers than just arbitrary picks. For many they are a collection of people’s most significant numbers and are deeply personal choices. Others carefully wade through reams of lottery information to carefully select the most frequently chosen numbers, while some put their faith in blind luck and opt for random selections and lucky dips.

If you are one of those people who tends to go with a selection of tried and tested numbers, then you may just have been making a classic mistake. Those who opt for the most popular lottery numbers should be very wary, as there is a whole host of pitfalls that come with them.

The Most Popular Lottery Numbers

Everyone who participates in the lottery does so with the aim of winning a vast sum of money, so it goes without saying that if your numbers come up, you won’t want to be sharing with too many other people. This is where the biggest problem with selecting the most popular lottery numbers arises. In the UK the following numbers have been drawn the most: 23, 40, 38, 33, 30, 25. For Euromillions, the most popular number is 50, followed by 44, 19, 4 and 30 and the most common extra numbers have been 8 and 3. Many players therefore use these same numbers, despite no set of number being mathematically more (or indeed less) likely than any other combination to come out of the machine.

Of course if one of those combinations should ever tumble out one Wednesday or Saturday evening, unless the jackpot is something unusually large, chances are the jackpot will end up being shared between with hundreds, if not thousands, of others. When you have just beaten odds of millions to one, you don’t want to see that multi-million-pound sum to be split so many ways that you walk off with mere thousands.

What are the most popular lottery numbers? Truth is it doesn’t matter since picking the most popular ones will hinder, not help, your chances. ]]>