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When lotto met the slot machine

Glück Games to launch The Lotto Machine, a fast-paced ‘mashup’ of lotto and slot machine game mechanics.

Glück Games
Jan 23, 2017 · 3 min read

The Lotto Machine is a HTML5 real money game that is primarily aimed at lottery players who also desire engaging gameplay experiences.

The game’s defining characteristic is the way that lottery and slot machine game mechanics have been blended to create a familiar, yet fast-paced experience for the lottery playing audience.

It is the first product that stays true to the lottery player — offering large lotto-like payouts — while at the same time providing rapid slot-style action; a true cross-over product.

The Lotto Machine i s presented as a fun and colourful device with multiple colourful, electro-mechanical elements which are moved in and out of view as they become active.

The game takes the form of a lotto number selection and draw mechanic, which is further enhanced by providing multiple ways to win (11 win lines), random win multipliers (up to 32X), bonus game features (free scratch cards paying up to 20X player’s stake) and an optional, ‘50–50 chance’ win gamble feature (paying up to 32X original win).

The Lotto Machine is balanced to offer high base game win and bonus feature hit rates, and very large, lotto-like potential payouts. It has a medium to high level of volatility coupled with very enticing potential payouts (up to GB£1.5million) in keeping with the aspirational goals of lottery players. The RTP is 79%.

The Lotto Machine is an online, HTML5-based game, designed for all mainstream desktop and mobile browsers. It is intended primarily to enhance our real-money operator partners’ instant lotto/instant win games portfolio. The game is presently completing the final certification process before going live in Europe with our main operator partners, including Lottoland, in February 2017.

Please send us an email if you would like pre-release access to The Lotto Machine.

The Lotto Machine is a HTML5 real money game that is primarily aimed at lottery players who also desire engaging gameplay experiences. The game’s defining characteristic is the way that lottery and…


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