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Charlotte skyline lights up purple on New Year’s Eve to ‘encourage hope for 2021′

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – The Charlotte skyline is lighting up purple on New Year’s Eve.

The purple is symbolizing “the end of a turbulent year and encourage hope for 2021.”

Mecklenburg County and Center City stakeholders say they are humbled by the strength of the community.

“We want to honor those who have been deeply affected by the COVID-19 crisis – from the frontline workers who have kept Charlotte running to the 557 people in our County who lost their battle with COVID-19 since March – by changing the building lights to purple,” a press release read.

“Our lives have been forever altered by COVID-19. But no one’s lives have been more effected than those who have lost loved ones this year to this virus,” said Mecklenburg County Public Health Director, Gibbie Harris. “We are fighting hard every day to get the lifesaving vaccine to as many people as possible. It is fitting that we remember those we have lost with the symbolism of purple in Uptown Charlotte this New Year’s Eve.”

“Throughout the crisis, the strength, compassion and resilience of the community has been both overwhelming and inspiring to all Center City stakeholders,” said Michael Smith, president and CEO of Charlotte Center City Partners. “The lights on the building are one way to commemorate and honor those who were lost to this disease while also trying to provide a symbol of hope as the calendar turns from 2020 to 2021. We also want to thank all who are sacrificing so much by working tirelessly to keep our community safe.”

Despite heavy fog in Charlotte Thursday night, the lights came on around dusk and lit the night into the new year. The Uptown buildings that participated include:

  • Bank of America Corporate Center
  • Bank of America Tower at 620 South Tryon
  • 300 South Tryon
  • Truist Tower
  • Uptown 550
  • The Vue
  • NASCAR Hall of Fame
  • Blumenthal – Belk and Knight lobbies

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The purple is symbolizing “the end of a turbulent year and encourage hope for 2021.”

Moment of Unity: Uptown skyline lights up in honor of lives lost to COVID-19

NORTH CAROLINA — On Tuesday, North Carolina memorialized the men, women and children who have died from COVID-19.

The skyline in uptown Charlotte lit up at 5:30 p.m. in remembrance of people who have lost their lives to COVID-19.

The following buildings in Charlotte will light up tonight as part of a nationwide effort to pay tribute to those who lost their lives due to COVID-19 @wsoctv

At 5 p.m., the governor’s executive mansion in Raleigh was lit in honor of those individuals, as well.

Gov. Roy Cooper asked other cities and counties to join in by lighting buildings in an amber color, which is the designated COVID-19 memorial color.

Churches were asked to ring their bells at 5:30 p.m., and families were encouraged to turn on a light in memory of those we’ve lost.

“What matters is that we pray together,” said Lal Rodawla, pastor at Charlotte Presbyterian Church. “We believe in prayer, and prayer is something that everyone can do.”

This effort was started by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to try to find unity in a nationwide tribute to honor the lives taken by the pandemic.

As of Tuesday morning, more than 8,000 people across the state had died from coronavirus since March 2020.

North Carolina will memorialize the men, women and children who have died from COVID-19 on Tuesday.