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James Stocklas and Bob Stocklas: A Sibling Lottery Rivalry for the Ages?

James Stocklas and Bob Stocklas made headlines when they both won the US Powerball draw on March 4, 2016 and even now, buzz about the two has yet to die down.

No, they are not receiving all of this media attention because of the size of their jackpot. This win wasn’t anywhere near record-breaking levels. The Stocklas brothers’ combined prizes were just north of $290 million – which is a fraction compared to those of the biggest lottery winners of all time and not as awe-inspiring as Richard Lustig, who won the lottery a whopping 7-times!

So, what was the big deal?

Two words: entertainment value; and a win that would truly test the sibling’s familial bond.


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James Stocklas Wins it Big

James Stocklas, then 67 and a Pennsylvania senior district judge, bought his winning ticket on the way home from a fishing trip in the Florida Keys.

Together with his brother Bob, he stopped by a Tom Thumb store in Marathon, Florida, where they bought a bag of ice and $10 in Florida Lottery tickets.

Little did they know that the shock of a lifetime would be waiting for them when they returned to Pennsylvania.

While having breakfast with his friend Anna at their usual diner, James Stocklas checked his lottery numbers and began yelling and jumping excitedly.

James Stocklas had just become the sole winner of a $291 million jackpot!

But What About Brother Bob?

As it turns out, Bob Stocklas won in the same Powerball draw, too! There was one minor difference, though.

While James was on his way to millions, Bob Stocklas won a grand total of $7.

Internet Fame For The Stocklas Brothers

If you only know James and Bob Stocklas by the memes spawned from their publicity photo, you might think they had a bitter sibling rivalry going. They’ve certainly made many siblings think twice about buying lottery tickets together.

Luckily, the Stocklas brothers’ relationship couldn’t be farther from the memes.

In an interview with Lehigh Valley Live, James Stocklas shared that he and Bob used to talk about what they would do if they ever won the lottery.

In another interview with the New York Daily Post, James said “Family’s family, [Bob’s] not going to worry about anything.”

The Generous Brother

The Stocklas brothers didn’t just keep the money between them, though.

The moment James Stocklas discovered he’d won, he treated everybody at the diner to breakfast. He even spent $20,000 on a private jet to take him, Bob, and their buddies to Florida to claim their prize together.

James also split his prize equally with two friends: Barry Bartakovitz and Anna, the same friend who was with him at the diner. The three had been friends for over 40 years, and they frequently formed lottery pools for big draws.

James Stocklas Net Worth

James opted for a lump sum payment of $191,470,307.58 and when all things were said and done, James and Bob Stocklas both ended up with about $40 million after taxes.

Life Before the Jackpot

The Stocklas brothers grew up in Pennsylvania; in the Clearfield Public Housing Development before the family’s eventual move to Lower Nazareth Township. During the Bethlehem Steel Strike, with their father William then working for Bethlehem Steel, the family found themselves scrounging potatoes for food.

James Stocklas eventually went on to work as a floor sweeper, then a millwright at Bethlehem Steel. Bob also joined him at the company.

In the 1970s, James quit his job to run for jury commissioner and won a 4-year term. From there, he went on to earn a seat in the city council before spending almost 32 years as district judge. James had been retired for 7 years when he won the Florida Lottery jackpot.

Paying it Forward

James Stocklas said that the lottery win would let him “take care of [his] children the right way.”

Aside from helping his brother Bob, James Stocklas said he would use the money to buy a handicapped-accessible home for his son Jimmy, who is legally blind and disabled. He would also help support his daughter Teresa and her family.

James was also intent on paying his luck forward, with plans to donate some of his winnings to various charities. As for his job as district judge, he quickly told court administrators that he would be back on the bench despite his jackpot win.

It turns out the Stocklas brothers’ story is less of a sibling rivalry and more of a family triumph.

If anything, Bob seems to be the luckiest one – what with having a generous soul like James for his brother.

Would you have done like James and shared the wealth? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Brothers Bob and James Stocklas won in the same Powerball draw—but only one became a millionaire and the other won $7. Is this a lottery rivalry in the making?

Brothers win combined $290 million in lottery – but just one is celebrating

James and Bob Stocklas win the lottery with separate tickets on the same day, but just one of them is celebrating

A Pennsylvania man is celebrating winning $291.4 million (£205m) on the lottery, but spare a thought for his unlucky brother who won just $7 (£5) in the same draw.

James Stocklas was left stunned after finishing a month-long fishing holiday to find he had won the lottery jackpot, admitting he was “shaking for an hour straight” when he checked his ticket.

James Stocklas of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania was the sole winner of the $291.4 million #POWERBALL jackpot! He’s posing with.

The 67-year-old posed with the huge jackpot cheque next to his brother, who still managed a smile despite his meagre prize.

Hours before he discovered his huge lottery win, the judge was eating dinner and spotted a yacht, admitting he would need to win the lottery to afford it.

“Now, everyone is saying it was karma or I had a feeling, whatever. I’m not sure what it was,” he told Lehigh Valley Live.

“There were five rows of numbers. The very last row was the winning number,” he said. “I read it and I read the number I had: 12-13-44-52-62 and the Powerball, 06. I said, ‘I think we’re rich.’”

Speaking about his brother, the lotto winner added: “We used to always laugh about what we would do if we won the lottery.

“But we would just say, ‘Dream on.’ All I can say is all this has been a whirlwind. ”

Mr Stocklas said he has no intention of retiring after his win and plans to share the jackpot prize with his family, which his brother will undoubtedly be pleased to hear.

“It’s family,” he explained. “Family takes care of family and now I can take care of my children the right way.”

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James and Bob Stocklas win the lottery with separate tickets on the same day, but just one of them is celebrating ]]>