60 million lotto max winner unclaimed

Edmonton $60M lottery winner sat on winning ticket for 10 months

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Ten months after hitting the jackpot, the winner of a $60-million Lotto Max draw has finally come forward.

Bon Truong bought the sole winning ticket for the Friday, Oct. 26 draw. He said he checked the ticket the day after the draw and has kept his winnings quiet ever since.

“I went to the store and asked the clerk to print off the winning numbers — just to be sure,” Truong said.

“I took the printout home and stared at the numbers and my ticket for hours that day. I could not believe it!”

Truong said he realized what this money would mean for his family and wanted to make sure they were all ready for those changes.

The winning numbers for the draw were: 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 20, 30 and bonus 45. Truong moved to Canada from Vietnam three decades ago and said he’s been playing these same numbers ever since.

Truong has three young children and he said he’s trying to keep his new found fortune a secret from them so they continue working hard. He said he will use the money for bills, a new home and saving for the future.

“After those big, main things, I’d like to take my family on a holiday,” he said. “I’m not sure where just yet. I think we’ll try to go everywhere.”

He also plans to keep his job as a landscaper and continue playing the lottery.

“I’m still young, I’m still strong. But right now with the money coming, I will take a lot of time, take care of my family and still work after I’m done this. After everything is done, I will go back to work,” he said Wednesday.

“This time Lotto Max, next time 6/49.”

Truong bought the winning ticket at Pure Casino Yellowhead, in the area of 124 Avenue and 153 Street.

His winning ticket is tied as the largest-ever Lotto Max win in Edmonton’s history. In September 2017, Robin Walker and Brett McCoy, of Peers, Alta., also won a $60-million prize.

The rules state that lottery winners have one year from the draw date to come forward and claim their prize.

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Ten months after hitting the jackpot, the winner of a $60-million Lotto Max draw has finally come forward.

Canada’s Lotto Max Now Looking For The Winner Of An Unclaimed $60 Million Lottery Ticket

Someone is walking around not even knowing they won!

We often know that when we buy lottery tickets, there is a slim chance of actually winning anything other than a free play. But one lucky Canadian has been a multimillionaire, without even knowing it, for almost a year! According to Lotto Max, they are now looking for the Canadian who is the winner of a $60 million unclaimed Edmonton lottery ticket.

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Someone is currently walking the streets without even realizing that they are a millionaire! Think it could be you?

Lottery corperation Lotto Max is now actively looking for the winner of an unclaimed lottery ticket worth $60 million. According to the Edmonton Journal News, this provincial record-tying $60 million has been unclaimed since October 26, 2018.

As the year anniversary rolls closer, Lotto Max is hoping to find the winner of the ticket, as only three months remain to claim the large, life-changing prize.

This multimillion-dollar win was purchased in Edmonton with the numbers 2,3,4,8,9,20,30 and bonus 45. According to the Edmonton Journal News, it is the first big Alberta win purchased in the province’s capital city. All previous top five winners were from smaller Alberta communities.

There have been some huge lottery winners recently in Canada. Most recently, a BC woman bet just $3 on a slot machine and won $2.1 million ! This was the biggest slot prize in history.

In another recent instance, a janitor and grandpa from Surrey won $7 million in the lottery. Despite his larger than life win, he kept his job because he loves it so much! But he did reduce his hours.

Another person from Surrey won $2 million just two weeks ago after waiting in line for pizza ! Had she not been waiting so patiently, this story may have had a different outcome.

Someone is walking around not even knowing they won! ]]>